Yoga Pants

Yoga Pants . Yoga pants are common used for yoga. Its in the name! Yoga Pants are a soft stretchy material. There like this because in yoga you do splits and other things that require flexibility. Have you ever heard of someone ripping there pants while doing a split. They were probably wearing jeans. Jeans are not stretchy at all. You can barley even stretch in them!

People don’t just use yoga pants for yoga. They also wear it in gymnastics,cheerleading, acro, contortion, and even dance! I’m sure there are more out there. They use these pants in gymnastics because gymnastics require a lot of flexibility! You have to stretch,warm up,and do drills!

People use these pants for cheerleading because cheerleading also requires a lot of flexibility. You tumble a lot ,you warm up,and you have to stretch!

People also wear Yoga Pants for acro . Acro is probably so hard to do you have to bend your body’s all different kinds of ways and do know how hard it will be to do acro  in jeans!

There is also contortion. Contortion is similar to acro  but just more advance! You have to bend your body all different kinds of ways!

And finally we have dance. You have all different types of dances! You have hip hop,jazz,tap,ballet,lyrical,acro,tumble,and duets! This is probably the most complicated art out there! You use Yoga Pants for dance because you have to tumble,bend your body all different type of ways,and stretch!

There are all different colors and sizes of Yoga Pants. Yoga pants are very comfortable. But not like your in your in Pajama’s!

Yoga pants get very smelly and damp when you are exercising! Because it is such a thin material its not the best to wear them two times in a row without cleaning or washing them.

This is such a weird topic? In my case its not that weird of a topic. What’s so bad about telling you facts about yoga pants.

Yoga pants are some how expensive. Well it really depends what kind. If you buy a Nike yoga pant your going to expect it to be expensive. Why is it so expensive? Its expensive because Nike is a very common and popular company and now a days they can come to thousands of dollars to the price of Nike!

I thought this was a unusual topic so that’s why I chose it! I wonder who made yoga pants,where did they come from,who even created pants or clothes!

You should go find out more about these topics. There very useful! And they teach you a lot of things on one topic! I wish I knew those things before!

I hope you enjoyed and learned facts about this article! This is a very unusual topic but very interesting!

Thank you for reading this and have a nice day!