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Tips for Buying Shoes for Children

It’s that time of year again when you are thinking of buying new school shoes for the next school term. Despite the risk of deformities and injury however many school children are returning to school with ill-fitting and tight shoes. It is important before you splash out on expensive shoes that you consider carefully which shoe is right for your child. Below are some tips to help you make the right decision.

Opt for shoes that have Velcro straps or laces instead of slip ons. These shoes fasten the shoe to the foot in a similar way to how seat belts in cars do. Also try to avoid ballet style pumps currently in fashion as they lack vital support in the inner body of the shoe and provide virtually no shock absorption.

Try to get your child’s feet measured professional in both length and width on both feet. Incorrectly fitting shoes can cause damage to a growing foot.

A good idea is to allow the space of a fingers width in front of any shoe you will buy to allow growth and elongation of the foot while walking.

When buying trainers be aware that many are designed for specific sports and may not be suitable for everyday wear. Always try to get them measured professionally before you buy and also try to avoid the use of plimsolls all day every day.

There are sometimes slight differences in sizing across manufactures so get your child feet measured in each shop you go to.

Try to limit heels to 4cms or less especially for younger children. The heel should have a broad base and offer some shock absorption.

Seams and stitching can sometimes cause irritation within the shoe. Always try to go for uppers made of natural material rather than man-made uppers.

Allow enough depth and room to let the toe move freely in the shoe.

Choose a shoe that fits perfectly around the heel; not too loose or tight

There should be enough support around the heel and arch area of the shoe.

If you notice unusual or uneven wear in the shoe always seek professional advice. This may be the first indication of a problem with posture and should be investigated. Particularly look for wear on the side of the heel or from the back to the front on one side.

De aware new shoes may cause blisters and sores.

Regularly check your child’s feet for inflamed nails or pressure marks around the joints or at the top of toes

Some teenagers may be secretive around foot problems but remember a trivial foot problem that is easily treated early on is for more serious as it develops if neglected.

Seek professional advice if there are itchy or painful sites on the feet or you see rashes

Children’s feet are often sweaty but any smell could mean poor hygiene

The risk of infection is always higher in feet compared to other parts of the body. Any cuts or abrasions should be treated with antiseptic and dressed immediately.

It is also important to mention newborns and foot consideration when buy shoes for newborns. In a baby there is no discernible arch but as a child grows the cartilage ossifies becoming more and more solid protected by subcutaneous tissue.

Be sure to wash the feet daily with soap and water and dry well in particular in between the toes.

Check the foot section in the baby grows and sleep suits are long enough to accommodate the feet without any cramping.

Avoid pram shoes except for special occasions as they are very difficult to size.

Choose soft bootees just prior to the child walking that do not cramp or restrict but keep the feet warm and comfortable.

When buying shoes for a child that has just started walking ensure they are fitted by a trained shoe fitter. They should reflect the shape and size and ill-fitting shoes may lead to deformities

Avoid baby walkers as they encourage load bearing early then the natural development of the child. This can delay walking standing and crawling.


Buying Shoes Online

1. You know your size don’t you?

Finding them perfect shoes that fit snug against your feet is the goal when buying shoes, look down at your feet and examine their shape. If you’re like me, and have weird feet then consider buying shoes with a larger width.

Finding shoes that fit flush against your feet is a common problem, majority of shoes are too tight against the side of the foot, but in some cases there are large gaps. The obvious solution is to buy narrow shoes to accommodate slim feet.

2. Look at your own shoes.

Everyone has their favourite pair that fit perfectly like Cinderella’s at the ball. They are comfy, supportive and rub free, Take a moment and examine them. Are they at a certain width or shape? What is the material made from?

Knowing your most comfortable pair and why they are so comfortable is the best step for buying in the future.

3. What Brands do you own?

The majority of shoe companies tend to have similarities in shape and design in their models. This can benefit the users as your feet can tend fit well with a line of certain brands. Make a list of all the brands that your feet tend to fit well with. This will be beneficial knowing that when a new model arrives your feet will fit snug.

4. Are Cheap Shoes worth it?

Buying cheap shoes won’t hurt your wallet, but they may certainly hurt your feet. Cheap shoes can be poorly designed and manufactured, just thrown together with cheap materials to knock up a cheap shoe that many consumers will buy. Once the pair gets so unbearable you will throw them in the cupboard never to see the light of day again, so why buy a constant stream of cheap shoes when you could buy a more expensive pair? This will keep your feet and wallet happy in the long run.

5. Try before you buy… errrrr online

Yes this is a personal trick of mine, find a pair of shoes you like at a shop, try them on and if they fit perfectly say: “err no thanks there not for me” then head online and buy them much cheaper, job done.

6. Buy from established online stores

When buying shoes online you must remember to always read the small print. Check there is a returns policy with a 30 day money back guarantee. If you do not do your homework, you may end up with a pair you can’t send back.

7. Read what other people are saying

Although the pictures look awesome and you’re on the verge of buying a pair of awesome Nike trainers, you still need to look at the reviews. Remember an image doesn’t tell the full story so read other people’s opinions on the product.


Get Rid Of Shoe Smell

Shoes are a big part of fashion. It would be beneficial if you knew a thing or two about footwear and purchasing shoes. Let’s begin with the purchasing shoes part.

When you walk into a shoe store you have to wonder why there is always carpet. The reason is because when you try on the shoes that you want to buy, they feel more comfortable on carpet than they do on hard floor. If you feel good when you try on the shoes, it is more likely that you will purchase it. Thus, the seller make a sale. The carpet in shoe stores is a selling tool and it works.

Now let’s talk about purchasing shoes. If you have never thought about the time of day that you actually buy shoes, you need to consider it. The best time of the day to go buy a pair of shoes is four to six pm. This is because this is when your feet are the most accurate size. If you buy shoes in the morning, your feet will be the smallest size it will be for the day (since you just spent time sleeping). Of course, it won’t make a huge difference when you buy your shoes, but it does help to know these times.

After you have bought your shoes, you need to know how to really wear them. I used to wear the same shoes everyday. That was fine because I couldn’t afford to have more than one pair of shoes. However, my shoes usually smelled and it was unpleasant to be around me. You need to wear your shoes every other day. It needs twenty four hours to air out and clear up so it does not build up a filthy smell. Thus, you should have two pairs of shoes. Each day you should alternate wearing them so that your shoes will not give off an unpleasant odor. If you take off your shoes and it smells, it is because you didn’t give your shoes the twenty four hour rest period, or there is something wrong with your socks. In order for your socks to do its job of preventing your feet from unpleasant odors there are a certain type of socks you need to be wearing. Purchase socks with the following labels on them: Wicks away, transfer, moves, takes away moisture. If you purchase socks that meet this criteria and you are alternating your shoes on a twenty four hour basis then your shoes should never smell.

Finally, there is a certain type of shoe that is horrible for you if it is worn on a day-to-day basis. That shoe, or should I say sandal, is a flip-flop. Though these are good for short term walks on the beach or a casual walk to check the mail it should not be worn everyday. If it is worn on a day to day basis, then you are causing long term damage to your foot muscles as they were never meant to be used in the way that flip-flops make you use them. The important thing is to always have support in a shoe, and flip-flops don’t offer that!

Remember these tips when purchasing and wearing shoes and you will be much better off!


Buy Cheap Dresses

Tips On How To Buy Cheap Dresses

Although, dresses are very vital in the life of a human being, they are usually very expensive-especially when you want to buy high quality dresses.

The good side is that you can position yourself and be able to buy the dresses at low prices. If interested, here are a few things that you can do to buy the clothes at low prices.

Buy between seasons

Many people tend to rush to buy clothes during the start of a season. For example, it’s common to find people buying summer dresses at the start of the summer season.

Although, doing this will help you to know the current trends so that you look fashionable the entire season, the main drawback with doing this is that you tend to buy the clothes at very high prices.

You can avoid buying the clothes at high prices by making your purchases between seasons. For example, you should buy summer clothes during winter. When you do this, you end up getting high quality clothes at very low prices.

Start looking for it early enough

If you are planning of buying a dress, you should start early to look for it. For example, if you are looking for a wedding dress, you should start looking for it nine months before your wedding. The main advantage with looking for a dress early enough is that you tend to have more time to scout for bargains.

A great way of scouting for bargains is by visiting both online and offline shops that sell cheap dresses. You should remember that scouting requires plenty of time and patience; therefore, you need to be patient in your scouting. This calls for you to visit numerous shops before making your purchase.

To be on the safe side you should look at various stores and compare the prices and quality of dresses being sold.

Trade with friends

If you are on a very tight budget and you don’t have money to buy clothes, you should plan on how you will trade with your friends. Here you and your friends need to come together so that you can try out different dresses that each of you own.

Another way of going about it when on a tight budget is making your own dresses. If you have the skills to make clothes, you should go ahead and make your own dresses as you will save a lot.


Buying Dresses

Looking for dresses online is much more exciting than going to a regular store because of the vast selection of brands, styles and fabulous colors. In this article you will learn some important tips when shopping for a dress on an online boutique.

The first and most important question you want to ask yourself would be, Is the website secure? This goes with any kind of online shopping as you want to know that your information is safe. Check to see if the website has a valid and well known SSL certificate logo such as, Thawte, Verisign, etc. Now anyone can place a picture of a logo on a webpage, so be sure to click on the logo to see that it is validated by the issuer of the SSL.

Return Policy. Any good website will have a decent return policy, such as, what if you purchased the wrong size? Can the dress be returned for the correct size, or if not can you return the dress for store credit or maybe a refund? Typically the customer will have to pay for return shipping if they have bought the wrong size.

When you are buying dresses online you should figure out your size. Most clothing sites will have various size charts available for the brand or designer of the dress. Figuring out particular your size with these charts is fairly simple, here are some instructions if your not sure how. A standard flexible measure can be used.

  1. The bust, measure around the fullest part of your bust lightly with the measure under the arms.
  2. Waist, Measure around the widest part of the waistline also holding lightly.
  3. Hips, Measure just below the belly button and around the fullest part.

Lastly the price. The best part is that there is always a great deal to be found. So look for sites that offer things like a price match. Often smaller websites are the best places to buy from as they need to be more competitive so those websites will usually price match a dress that their competitors have. Also discounts and coupons! sometimes you can combine the price match with a coupon.


Wedding Dress Tips

When you are shopping for a dress for your wedding day, there are quite a few things to consider with wedding dress designs. What I thought I would share with you are some wedding dress tips that I learned while in the process of buying my dress.

1. One of the first wedding dress tips you should consider is to keep an open mind. Since there are so many wedding dress styles available, even before you go to buy a dress, you can easily be overwhelmed.

I was very specific about the type of dress I was going to wear. I swore I was going to buy a tea length dress that was vintage, very 50’s, and ended up purchasing a mermaid wedding dress. Go figure! Therefore, don’t be surprised if you end up trying on something you thought you would never wear and end up loving it.

2. Go with your gut. Once you try on the dress and it looks fabulous on you, then you are done shopping and you don’t need to continue looking at various wedding dress designs. You will stress out and make yourself crazy if you start comparing your dress with others you see in magazines, stores and online.

3. Before you buy a dress, determine what your budget is. What I did was when researching various wedding dress styles; I telephoned the manufacturer to learn where the dress was sold locally. I then called the store to find out what the price was to determine if the dress was in my budget. Don’t discount a dress if it is very inexpensive, again go try it on, you might be pleasantly surprised.

4. On a tight budget? Then once you have an idea of wedding dress styles and what type of dress looks good on you, check out eBay, consignment stores, thrift stores, sample sales and in some cities, you can rent your dress as well. I knew someone who once stumbled upon a garage sale and there, hanging on the garage, was her dress!

5. Some other wedding dress tips to keep in mind are to remember that you want to be comfortable on your wedding day. Never in a million years did I think I would be comfortable in a mermaid wedding dress but was pleasantly surprised when I tried it on and not only did it fit perfectly but it was also easy to move around in.

6. Also, remember not all wedding dress designs will fit you perfectly especially in the dress length. Therefore, leave yourself a few months for alterations. If you have to order the dress, then tag on another 6 months leaving yourself with at least an 8 months lead time for manufacturing and altering the dress prior to your wedding day.

7. Finally, have fun with your dress. Add an accent or two if you wish. I intend to do something to compliment my groom by wearing either a pink tool wrap or maybe replace the white ribbon that ties the bodice with a pink ribbon.


Tips for the Modern Man

There are so many fashion tips out there for women, but what about men? Men also want to look good especially if they are going to an elegant or formal function such as a wedding or a corporate function. Here are some fashion tips for the modern man.

If you are attending a corporate function that is semi-formal, then you may want to wear something semi-formal. If you need something semi-formal yet classy and elegant, you can choose an informal pants with a shirt and a nice sports jacket or blazer. You don’t really need tie pins and clips for this look. You can choose a cravat which is placed on the inside of your shirt with the first two buttons open. Ask the salesman to show you how to fold the cravat and how to wear it. This will give the jacket a classier look.

With this look casual shoes are perfect. Colour is also very important when choosing a casual shoe. With casual shoe, I don’t mean sneakers. I mean something that is informal but doesn’t have laces like a moccasin or loafer. Remember to take shoes that are going to be comfortable if you are going to stand for a long period of time. If you are going to a place where the venue is outdoors, consider taking an interesting hat that complements your outfit.

You could also opt for the complete formal look that includes a suit, shirt, tie with matching pocket handkerchief, cufflinks and tie pin. All of these individual items need to be colour coordinated to complete the look.

If you are going to a wedding where the colour is red, you could choose a black men’s suit with a black shirt, red tie and red pocket handkerchief. You can pair it with a silver tie pin and silver cufflinks. When buying a suit at any men’s fashion store, the salesman will place your formal men’s suit in a suit bag, it’s important that you take your suit out before you wear it, as it could be creased and needs to be pressed or ironed as it was folded in the bag. Remember to always put your suit back into the same bag as originally purchased to keep it beautiful, dust-free and crease-free. Also keep the box where your shoes were in, so that when you take them off after the function. You can put them back so that it still looks good the next time you wear it again. Last tip; please remove the labels on the sleeve of your jacket. It was bought not borrowed.

Remember you are what you wear. Behind every successful and well-dressed man is a beautiful woman.


Easy Fashion Tips For Men

Make Sure Your Clothes Fit Properly

This probably sounds funny but you would be surprised how many men don’t know how to fit their clothes. You usually see guys wearing clothes that are too big. There is nothing cute about this look. Fit is king. And if you want to look your best, your clothes have to fit the properly.

You want your clothes to hug the shape of your body. However, you don’t want your clothes to be too tight. Its a thin line. But once mastered you will always look your absolute best.

Always Keep It Simple

Looking good is about wearing the right clothes. Its about wearing clothing that looks good on you. And most of the times simple is better. Never wear more than three pieces of jewelry. That’s overload. You should also stick with three colors or less. If your not in a rock band or a big time rapper, avoid dressing like one. Just remember that simple is stylish.

Watch Out For Those Supporting Pieces

The first and most basic fashion tip for men is to make sure your top and bottom halves match. By match I am not necessarily talking about color. I am more so speaking of the look and feel. For example, if you are wearing a big, rugged fisherman sweater, make sure your bottoms are big and rugged as well. The idea is to match casual with casual, rugged with rugged and so forth.

Take Someone With You When You Go Shopping

Sales people are there for one reason, to make money. So sometimes it can be very difficult to trust their opinions and advice. Always take a trusted friend with you when you go shopping. They will be able to tell you if something looks good or bad on you.

Don’t Be Afraid To Take Risks

Let me qualify this by saying there is a thin line between taking a risk and going to far. So you have to be very careful. You have to take calculated risks with your fashion. Try one thing at a time and add on as you go. See how those you trust respond. If it works, keep going. If it doesn’t, make a quick u-turn.

The only way you can learn is if you experiment. Don’t be one of those guys who is afraid to express their style through clothing. When in doubt just keep it simple. You can never go wrong with simple.

Don’t Get Caught Up In Brand Names

This is one of the most important fashion tips for men there is. Too many men become slaves to certain name brands. Ever heard the saying the clothes don’t make the man, the man makes the clothes? Well its absolutely true. Just because you buy a certain brand name doesn’t mean it will look good on you.

Before you buy anything ask yourself why are you buying it. Is it because its a certain brand name or is it because you truly like the style? Your answer should be the latter. Never buy anything based solely on the name brand.


Mens Fashion for the First Date

Dressing right for the first date is not only a lady’s thing. A man also needs to think about what is desirable and ideas that can be a complete turn off. Therefore, before you put the jeans and t-shirt or shinny suit, you need to think about mens fashion tips. First, be unique. Women like guys who can make a statement without trying too much. Some of the best add ons to make you standout include the watch, chain, belt or the shoes. Find out what your best point is in all of this and make it stand out. It does not have to be a very informal or very formal look. The main thing is to feel comfortable without appearing like you are overdoing it.

For the outfit, a pair of jeans and a designer shirt or t-shirt is good enough with the right accessories; a watch and chain. They make a statement about who you are and put you on a higher pedestal. However, this look can only work for informal events like concerts and the cinema. Do not be tempted to unbutton the first few buttons on your shirt. It is a turn off. If you want to put on something trendy that goes with the current craze, make sure it fits your personality and the impression you want to make in that lady’s mind. T-shirts that hug your chest tightly may look good for a night with the boys, but they may not be the best option when on the first date. Just like it is for women and cleavage, unless you want her drooling at your six pack and forget to locate your face, a loose fitting shirt is better. You can include a blazer to go with the casual look but make sure the hues collaborate.

If you are taking the lady out for dinner at a fancy restaurant, a suit will do. Look for the darker colors, such as black. You can do with or without a tie but in most cases it depends with the location because some venues have dress codes. Look for a shirt that works with the suit. You can go for a light color that will complement the dark suit. The shoes in any event should be in the darker colors. For instance, brown or black shoes go well in formal and informal occasions. However, leather shoes do not match with jeans. You need sport shoes or loafers for that. Creases, no matter know minuscule they are, they say a lot about your character. It is as if they are saying you do not care about your look. She might forgive you this first time but she will remember the creases on your clothes for as long as she lives. In addition, mens fashion tips extend to the hygiene so everything should be spotless. Your clothes, shoes and the body should be clean. Have a clean shaven face and splash some after shave.


Fashion Tips For Plus Size Women

Plus size women are curvy, luxurious and sheer beauties. Though most women crave to flaunt the most hyped size zero still the true beauty of women lies in her curves. Fashion tips for these curvy women should be kept simple and subtle. The fashion communities are also recognizing their worth. A little bit of chiseling can groom them into bombshells. Good fashion tips are extremely important for them in order to make them appear stunning irrespective of their volume.

Bigger women have their own shades of beauty compared to petite damsels. They appear confident and domineering because of their volume. Most celebrities like Toccara Elaine Jones, Johanna Dray and Charlotte Coyle are sexy and extremely talented. They epitomize plus size women.

Fashion And Makeup Tips To Look Stunning Irrespective Of Your Size

. Fashion tips for bigger woman includes right clothing, accessories and some make up. In order to appear slimmer and taller, a plus size women should wear outfits with vertical linings. They will make you appear tall as well as slimmer. Wear skirts that are longer and less wide. In order to look slim, you should completely avoid wearing large size clothing. They will add more volume and make you appear much larger than your actual mass.

. You should create a contrast in your dress in order to look attractive. Plus size women often make a mistake of wearing larger belts that can make them look quite big. You should wear darker colors such as navy, black and brown.

. Fashion tips for plus size women also include a bit of exposure. In order to look attractive, you should flaunt your most striking features. It can be your smile too. You should wear a soft and faint make up in order to look attractive while you should completely avoid flashy colors.